The best
for the environment
and your pet.

Ecopets is better.

Ecopets is the perfect litter for your pet and the environment. Our wood pellets remove humidity from your pet’s droppings, making it easier to discard them. You can even flush them down the toilet.

The wood waste’s natural properties provide Ecopets with excellent liquid absorption and odor control. Our pellets are also 50% more efficient than mineral-based litters.

Ecopets is safer.

Ecopets does not generate fine dust, preventing your cat from leaving tracks and is easier to pick up than mineral litter.

It is 100% biodegradable, with no toxins to put at risk your health or your pet’s or cause environmental damage.

Ecopets is so safe that you can even use the remaining sawdust as compost in your garden.

Ecopets is Costa Rica.

Ecopets is a proudly made in beautiful Costa Rica with fruit tree waste and sustainable forestry.

Being locally sourced it has a lower carbon footprint and, unlike traditional mineral pet litters, it does not contribute to mining.

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