Energy and pets.
That’s right.


Pelletics was founded in 2010 as the first Costa Rican company dedicated to the recycling of wood waste through a pelletizing process. We recycle 4,000 tons of monthly wood waste, which are converted into products related to renewable energy and sand for pets.

Our main activity is the production of high quality pellets from tropical wood waste, which are sold locally as substitutes for fossil fuels (petroleum coke, bunker, diesel, LPG gas). Since 2018 we have diversified our line, launching the Ecopets pet sanitary bed.

Our production plant is located in Muelle, San Carlos, in the middle of the sawmill region. Our operation contributes with direct and indirect jobs in the country.

Green commitment

In addition to the Ecopets brand we produce solid renewable fuel, made from agricultural waste that is used as an energy source in boilers, industrial burners, heating, among others. Our carbon-neutral fuel is sold at prices up to 50% cheaper than fossil fuels. Being locally sourced, our products offer a much lower footprint than fossil fuels or mine-extracted pet litters.

What’s next?

We are entering the Ecological Blue Flag and Esencial Costa Rica programs. We are also developing an eco-friendly packaging to carry our eco-friendly pellets. Very soon Ecopets will be distributed throughout Costa Rica and around the world.